How it works ...

Every hospitality business will have different requirements. If Cumbrian Hospitality Services can help you and your business, the next step is to contact us – including your details and as much information about your requirements as possible. If we think we can be of help, we can then arrange a no-obligation visit to discuss your exact needs in more detail.

This pre-visit scoping exercise will form an important part in establishing your exact needs and determine whether you think we can be of service to you and your business.

Once a contract and terms and conditions have been agreed and signed off we recommend a familiarisation morning (usually 7am to 12pm) to facilitate a smooth transition on the day of the handover. There is usually a charge for this service which will be agreed with the client.

How much will it cost …

Every business will have different requirements and cost will depend on what exactly you want and need Cumbrian Hospitality Services to provide. The cost is bespoke to your business and once we have collaboratively determined what is required, a quote will be submitted for your approval.

Booking and Deposit ...

We require a £200 non-refundable deposit (see t&cs below) once the contract and terms & conditions have been agreed and signed. Upon completion of the relief management, the balance will be due no later than 5 days after our final invoice has been submitted.

Terms & Conditions
  1. All bookings are subject to availability
  2. Cumbrian Hospitality Services is a partnership (John & Karen Greaves). We operate as a couple unless specified and agreed with the client. We will both look after your establishment. If we are required to stay overnight in your establishment both of us will usually stay. However on some occasions that may not be possible but the premises will never be left without cover over night.
  3. Once all our duties are complete and prior to check in’s we may go out. Also once all the guests are checked in we may take the opportunity to enjoy some free time.
  4. Bookings will be accepted once a pre visit has taken place and all the necessary information has been supplied by the client with the list of requirements.
  5. We will confirm our tariff after the pre visit depending on the duties we are required to perform. If the tariff and terms and conditions are acceptable, we recommend a familiarization morning (usually 7am to 12pm). The charge for this service will be agreed with the client but generally it’s to cover our expenses.
  6. Within our standard tariff, relief management duties generally include such things as : maintain the booking system, guest accounts, taking deposit payments, manning the telephone, guest arrivals and check-outs, managing staff, dealing with suppliers & shopping where required, laundry delivery, refuse collection ,small emergency maintenance tasks and cooking, serving & clearing breakfast in a B&B. Our tariff would generally include the servicing and change over days for up to six rooms (maximum12 guests) anything above this number we would expect the establishment to have their own staff. Where there is an exceptionally busy turn around day, we are happy to help the housekeepers if they are pressed with stripping rooms etc. However if this was a daily requirement it would be classified as additional duties. (See note 8)
  7. Other miscellaneous duties can be undertaken by prior arrangement as part of our standard tariff e.g. plant watering, small gardening duties feeding the birds etc.
  8. It is important that all additional duties are discussed at the pre visit and prior to establishing the tariff. Additional duties outside those included in our standard tariff will be charged at an hourly rate agreed with the client.
  9. Our charges usually apply from the time we commence work at the establishment and finish at the same time on the return of the client. If in unforeseen circumstances the client returns after this time additional charges may be applied.
  10. A deposit of £200.00 is required eight weeks before the assigned period.
  11. The balance is due no later than 5 days after our final invoice has been submitted. We prefer payment via BACS.
  12. Cancellation of a booking can be made without penalty up to the time of the deposit payment.
  13. If a booking is cancelled after the deposit payment it will be non-refundable.
  14. In the unlikely event we have an emergency and are unable to undertake the booking the deposit will be returned and we will not be held responsible for any charges incurred by the client due to our cancellation.
  15. We will not be held responsible for any detrimental reviews on any online sites.
  16. Once the client is happy with the agreed tariff and terms and conditions and before the assigned date they will be required to sign the document or reply via email stating that they agree with our tariff and terms & conditions.

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